PG Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics cover

PG Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics

Eligibility Criteria

  •  Graduation from a recognised university in any discipline


Course Duration

  • The duration of the course is 200 hours.
  • Student can avail the Certification only after clearing the exams. 
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Instructor: British Learning

Language: English

Validity Period: 365 days

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British Learning for the last 21 years is a name synonymous with Internationally Accredited courses that have touched the lives of virtually 1 Lakh students.

The need for awareness about Nutrition and Wellness has risen in recent times. Due to different lifestyle patterns & hectic schedules, there is an increasing demand for Nutritionists and Dieticians all around the world.

Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics is the latest offering from British Learning as the Quality of Education is certified by BRIT QUALIS, UK.

British Learning is a leading brand to reckon with, in the Global Online Education platform.

Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics course includes an extensive understanding of anatomy in order to understand nutrition needs.

This course also covers an understanding of the nutritional needs right from the conception of a baby by a Mother to Breastfeeding Mothers and going up to Infants, Toddlers, School going children, Teenagers, Adults and also Old age people.

It will also help you to understand various health conditions like PCOD & PCOS for women as well as health conditions like Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Overweight, and many more issues that are faced today.

Bonus point is, the BRITISH LEARNING Curriculum also includes sample diet plans for different age groups, as well as for different health conditions.

We have also focused on the diet needs of house pets. 

Little wonder why it is extremely difficult to find anyone unemployed who has completed this course.

BRITISH LEARNING offers the most comprehensive Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics which covers the following topics:

  • Anatomy of Digestive system and Difference between Dietitian vs. Nutritionist
  • Classification of Carbohydrates and Vitamins
  • Nutrient requirements for Infants, Children and Adolescents
  • Understanding the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan diets
  • Common Food Allergies in children
  • Nutritional Requirement & Importance of Diet and Health during Pregnancy
  • Model of Nutritional Diet Plan for Pregnant Mothers
  • Benefits & Challenges of Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding
  • Model of Nutritional Diet Plan for Lactating Mother
  • Guidelines for Feeding and Recommendation of Diet chart for Weaning baby (Age group 6 to 12 months)
  • Nutritional Requirements for Toddlers  and introducing  Five healthy food groups
  • Model of Nutritional Diet Plan for age 1 to 5 years
  • Healthy eating habits and Importance of healthy Meal Plans for Children age 6 to 12 years
  • Model of Nutritional Diet Plan for age 6 to 12 years
  • Understanding changes during Adolescence and Nutritional Needs
  • Model of Nutritional Diet Plan for Adolescents age 12 to 18 years
  • Understanding Habit of Picky Eating, Causes and Consequences
  • Importance of Weight Management and Strategies for Weight Gain and Weight Loss for children 
  • Nutrition required for Sports and Model diet plan for an Athlete
  • Model of Nutritional Diet Plan for Adults age 18 to 40 years
  • Health issues and Nutrition for Men in 40s 
  • Health issues and Nutrition for Women in 40s 
  • Importance of Geriatric Nutrition and Diet Requirements
  • Model of Nutritional Diet Plan for Adults for age 40s and above
  • Causes and Effects of PCOS / PCOD and Nutritional Requirements
  • Model of Nutritional Diet Plan for PCOS
  • Superfoods for Adults and Children
  • Nutrition for Pets
  • Individual Diet Plans
  • To understand the role of Nutritionist and strategies to grow business


A Quick Glimpse of what makes this course an all-time student favourite.....

Co-Endorsed Certificate jointly issued with London College of Learning

Learn at your Convenience: Without adjusting your current routine, you can access this course from anywhere! Be it a student, working professional, or a homemaker - progress the course as per your schedule.

British Learning App: Staying connected is a seamless affair! You can explore our app available on both iOS and Android platforms or directly from the website.  The 24/7 support tools give an actual classroom-like experience alongside technical staff and senior Teachers.

Affordable: British Learning has the vision to provide Employment Opportunities to everyone! Compared to any similar high-Quality Education platform, the fees payable by a student are one of the most reasonable and affordable throughout the world. Little wonder why British Learning is the preferred choice of student across the globe.

International Accreditation: On the successful completion of the course and the exams thereafter, you receive a Globally Recognized PG Diploma Certificate that unlocks countless job opportunities for you.

Varifiable Certificate: You can get Verifiable Certificate with unique QR code 

Placements: British Learning promises to walk every mile with you! With an in-house placement cell, we ensure you 100% Placement Assistance after the successful completion of the course. 

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for complete details.

Who Can Apply for this course?

  • Aspiring candidates can apply for PG diploma programmes after completing their graduation
  • Anyone who wishes to work as an advisor in Nutrition & a Healthy Diet
  • Those who are already in the field of Child Nutrition & wish to update their skills
  • Those with a thirst to learn about Health and Nutrition

Job Opportunities

After the completion of the course, Aspiring Teachers get the opportunity to become:

  • Nutrition & Diet Consultant

Mode of Training

The course is available Online.


  • Internationally Accredited Diploma Certificate from British Learning
  • The certificate holds the same weightage as an in-class training program
  • British Learning’s certificate is in high demand  because of the Quality Standards approved by a Leading International Quality Certifying Company
  • British Learning is affiliated with leading International Companies and Educational Institutions. We ensure that students learn the latest International curriculum that helps them to be successful.
  • We request candidates for their respective shipping address and contact number after completion of the course. We will then courier them the hardcopy of the British Learning PG Diploma Certificate, which is expected to reach the candidate within 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the location and the complete cycle of their course.

Speak with our experts today at +91 9004090099 !

DISCLAIMER: The knowledge obtained by a student after completion of the Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics Course" can be used by a student to suggest or advise on a healthy diet to a person not suffering from any complications which require medical treatment. The Course in no way qualifies a student to practise medicine or prescribe any kind of medication or suggest any kind of diet to a person who is undergoing treatment from a medical practitioner.

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