Technology plays a key role in many aspects of our lives. Children using Electronic Gadgets at a younger age are increasingly exposed to certain social and health risks.
Before we handover any gadget to the child let’s take a look at the good side and the bad side of it
The Good Side
It helps children develop their cognitive skillsTechnology has made different activities within reach. Playing, scribbling, and even competing are made even more accessible. A wide selection of interactive and educational apps as well as games will help children develop their analytical skills. Playing video games for an hour every day can improve children’s performance on some cognitive tasks because the mental processes involved are the same.
They know where to find information when they need it.
Schools teach kids new things every day, but having access to a gadget also allows them to learn whenever they want. If the child wants to learn about a new hobby or research about their homework on their own, online access is a must. They also get to discover new interests with the help of their gadgets whether it is reading short stories online or watching Educational videos on YouTube. It’s a great source of entertainment.It also provides a great deal of fun because of the content available online such as games, cartoons, and other entertaining videos.